God’s own country ‘Kerala’ is known all over the world for many unique things and the traditional Ayurveda is one among them. There are more than 12,000 traditional healers and 800 Ayurveda medicine manufacturing units in the state. Oushadhi is the largest manufacturer of Ayurvedic Medicine in the government sector in India. Oushadhi Panchakarma Hospital & Research Institute located in the heart of Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, offers varieties of Ayurveda treatments at affordable price using quality medicines produced by ‘Oushadhi’. There is always heavy rush for the treatment in this government run Panchakarma Hospital and bookings are done well in advance.

Our Specialties


Panchakarma therapy (penta fold purificatory measures) play a vital role in Ayurvedic therapies and as such, they occupy an important place in Ayurvedic system of Medicine. The classical Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy is the comprehensive method of internal purification of the body by VAMANA, VIRECHANA, VASTHI, NASYA & VAMANA





Process by which vitiated humours are eliminated through oral route, for the purification of the upper half of the body.(Induced emesis-specific therapy for kaphaja disorders)

  1. VIRECHANA : rocess by which vitiated humours are eliminated through anal route, for the purification of the lower half of the body. (Induced Purgation/Laxation-specific therapy for paithika Disorders)

  2. VASTHI : Purificatory measure which consists of suitable medicaments in the form of enemata through rectal, vaginal or urethral routes (Oleus and Unoleus Enemata-specified therapy for Vathika Disorders)

  3. NASYA: Purificatory measures by which suitable medicaments are introduced through nasal passage in liquid or in powder form. (Errhines/Snuffing-therapy for diseases related with head)

  4. RAKTHAMOKSHAM : Purificatory measures in diseases related with impure blood by using external means like, instruments (Prachanam), leeches(Jalookavacharanam), horns etc, (Bloodletting-specific therapy for diseases Related to Blood).



Uninterrupted application of medicated oil (Thailadhara), buttermilk (Thakradhara), milk (Ksheeradhara), fermented whey (Dhanyamladhara) on the head, throughout body or both for Insomnia, Rheumatic complaints etc.


Pouring comfortable warm medicated oil liberally over the body followed by gentle massage for skin disease and rheumatic complaints.


Massage done with small linen bags filled with medicated and cooked Navara rice, after a liberal application of medicated oils for rheumatic complaints &rejuvenation.


Uninterrupted application of medicated butter milk on the head for sleeplessness, skin diseases, mental disorders etc.


Procedure in which herbal medicines are made into paste and applied over the head 9in a special manner for mental disorders etc.


Massage with medicated powders specially meant for reducing body fat, improvement of complexion land functional improvement of vital organs.


Application of medicated cooked navara rice on whole or affected parts of the body for rheumatic complaints &rejuvenation.


Oleation therapy-Internal as well as external done prior of Panchakarma Therapy for rheumatic complaints, skin diseases, mental disorders etc.


Intake of medicated unctuous Dravya like Ghee, Oil etc. for a specific duration especially for chronic diseases.


Application of medicated oil all over the body. It relieves fatigue and provides stamina and perfect sleep..


Sudation Technique with medicated milk for arthritic problems.


Wrapping specific areas for a specific time interval with medicated pastes intended to subside inflammation or pain.


Sudation technique done prior to Panchakaram. Therapy for Thirteen methods of thermal Sudation like Mixed Fomentation, Hot bed Sudation, Steam kettle Sudation, Affusion Sudation, Bath Sudation, Sudatorium Sudation, Stone bed Sudation, Trench Sudation, Cabin Sudation, Ground red Sudation, Picher bed Sudation, Pit Sudation, Under bed Sudation, are followed in this method.


Fomentation technique by using boluses of herbal leaves (Elakkizhi) or medicated powders (Choornakkizhi) or warm sand (Manalkkizhi) or roasted salt (Uppukkizhi) according to the conditions of disease


Applying oil soaked cloth over affected body parts intended to reduce local pain or stiffness.


Applying medicated pastes on the body parts for skin diseases, local pain & swelling.


Free meditation and yoga classes are arranged for all inmates to rejuvenate the body & mind.


Panchakarma Hospital has a clinical trial cell intended to carry out research on chronic diseases and con ditions like Arthritis, Diabetes, Rheumatic Complaints, Skin Diseases, Head ache, Calculi, Cholesterol etc. using newly developed medicines by the R&D wing of Oushadhi.



HOSPITAL : Well furnished 75 bedded hospital which is always full to the capacity.Bookings are done well in advance